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Get Your Tickets for the CPDIA EXPO 2022 - Afrocentric Architecture Excursion & Workshop!

It's Almost That Time CPDI AFRICA Family and Friends!!! EXPO 2022 Afrocentric Architecture Excursion & Workshop is here, LIVE in ABUJA, FCT Nigeria!💯💯 Family, you know we are All About Developing African Inspired Architecture in our Built Environment! If the Architecture is Culturally and Environmentally Sustainable, then CPDIA Celebrates the Designer and the Project!💯💯 Not in West Africa this summer, No Worries!! EXPO 2023 we host our International Conference!  This CPDI Africa Workshop introduces participants to the concepts for developing new African architectural languages, inspired by the culture and technology of traditional and contemporary African societies. We harness solutions to today's built environment problems, sourced from African science and design philosophies. The workshop surveys innovations in both the African and Diaspora-built environment. Professionals and students will be introduced to the research initiatives of CPDI Africa, the Art of African A
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NEW COURSES: Global Studio for African Centered Architecture

  The CPDI Africa Global Studio for African Centered Architecture: an Academic Platform for Teaching a New Pedagogy in African Architecture. The CPDI Africa Global Studio for African Centered Architecture provides architects and designers an African centered academic platform for learning technical solutions for problem solving in their communities, while preserving culture and heritage through design.  The global studio is organized by CPDI Africa - the Community Planning and Design Initiative, Africa. Our Global Studio Faculty are leading professors and architects, renowned for their pedagogy in teaching African centered architecture.  Tenured at distinguished universities around the globe, our professors understand architecture is not separate from the lexicon of creative arts, but an integral part of the full human experience. CPDI Africa faculty is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and represent a diversity of world cultures, languages and heritage. The CPDI Africa Global Stu

Identity Formation in America

Author My name is Lorin Jackson. You may have met me during the launch of the inaugural CPDI Africa Internship in the summer of 2020. I was thrilled to be awarded the internship, but struggled to meet the expectations, and coupled with the uprising and turmoil that America faced the summer of 2020, I couldn’t maintain what was necessary to successfully matriculate. Recently someone commented on my initial Instagram post announcing my involvement in the internship, and it inspired me to complete the coursework on my own time. To be honest, I was challenged by the first research assignment that asked us to identify elements of our architecture. I was stumped at identifying “our,” let alone “architecture.” I initially identified as a “Black American,” but in light of the recent atrocities enacted by the state at the time, to call myself American felt disingenuous and incriminating. To be Black in America is to be in direct opposition to everything America was really created for, so there

NOW OPEN: CPDI Africa Heritage Architecture Competition 2021

Introduction: Have you ever imagined what the architecture of Africa would look like today, if the great civilizations of Egypt, Timbuktu, Mali, the Dogon, Zulu, Yoruba, and thousands of other African empires had continued to develop and evolve in their own unique identity? Imagine the transformation of the African landscape into sprawling metropolises filled with architectural masterpieces celebrating new interpretations of traditional design elements, portrayed with all the comfort of modern innovations and technique. The Community Planning & Design Initiative Africa (CPDI Africa) 2021 culture-inspired, research-based design competition aims to promote the development of new architectural languages for the African Diaspora that are culturally and environmentally sustainable. What Africa would you build if given the opportunity to develop African skylines in her own image? Eligibility: The CPDI Africa 2021 competition is open to both students and practitioners of architecture and

***JOHN RIDLEY*** CPDI Africa Internship 2020 SPOTLIGHT!

Hello everyone, My name is John Ridley, I was born in Panama City Florida and raised in Kennesaw Georgia. I graduated from Kennesaw State University where I majored in African and African Diaspora Studies. My hobbies are health and fitness, and freshwater - saltwater fishing is another favorite hobby of mine. It naturally connects me with the hunter-gatherer spirit in a way! A fun fact about me, 3 years ago I decided to pick a guitar and self learn. I’m enjoying the challenge that comes along with it when learning to play a new song. I love architecture not just for its functional use, and creative use of materials, but for its cultural and symbolic meanings. As a researcher, the depth of scholarship and of course connection to identity, found in the subject matter grabbed my attention. I am thankful for my African architecture course at Kennesaw State University with Prof. Okwumabua, as it opened my eyes to so much of my cultural heritage as an African American that I would not have o

RESILIENCE - Haitian Resort & Cultural Center: CPDI 2020 internship Design by Kherby Jean

The Resilience Haitian resort and culture center reflect the resilience of the Haitian people and the culture of Haiti. The main architectural features that were analyzed to design the project was the lakou, or courtyard, the galri, or porche, and the jaden, or garden. These characteristics are very important when analyzing Haitian architecture. Furthermore, resilience and jaden mostly influenced the project. Kherby wanted to represent the resiliency because that’s what the Haitian people are known for. Play video below to watch the full design Presentation The thought of freedom from slavery was first proclaimed by Haitians in 1804. The jaden was an important factor in the design because, the Haitian population have hope for a better future and usually send their kids to school in other places. He wanted to take the idea of 'planting & growing' and compare to 'learning & practice'. Another element kherby wanted to portray in this structure is the use of detrime

***Kherby Jean*** CPDI Africa Spotlight Intern, Summer Internship 2020!

Hello everyone, My name is Kherby Jean and I am a 4th year architecture major at Tuskegee University. Born in Haiti, my parents always told me to be humble and work hard. My parents brought me to the US in 2010 for one reason, a better life. I am pursuing architecture because I am passionate about helping and would like to create affordable housing for people in my home country, Haiti. Through faith, knowledge and community, I believe that this is possible. In addition to architecture, I am a partner at a clothing company called Blakhveny where we represent culture and social change. Overall, my goal is to help people, have an impact on the future generation, and inspire change.  Learning about African architecture and Haitian architecture was truly an exhilarating process, I learned so much about my history and culture. As stated above, I was born in Haiti, but I had never connected my Haitian identity to my African identity until CPDI Africa. Seeing and learning so much about