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Comfort in an African Home

So much research has gone into the connection between mental and physical health in relation to greenery within the built environment. Experiencing nature through its green outdoor spaces has been linked to reduced heart and respiratory diseases, higher happiness levels and stronger societal bonds. However, living in urban areas nowadays limits the number of green spaces one can have physical or even visual access to. Our living conditions have turned inwards, such that most of our activities are carried out indoors, with little regard to the outdoors. To this end, the large windows we typically find in contemporary buildings are not only for daylighting and ventilation, but also for maintaining a visual connection to the outdoors. However, the positive benefits to be gained from looking outside through a window depend on the nature of the built environment and whether the outdoors are worth gazing at. Most traditional African homes had one vestibule entrance and tiny openings as windo
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CPDI Africa Global Studio: The Premiere Academy for Teaching African Centered Design & Architecture!

CPDI Africa Global Studio, the Premiere Academy for Teaching a New Pedagogy in African Centered Architecture. Virtual certificate programs. Culturally diverse curriculum. Distinguished professors. Study abroad in Africa. Scholarship programs. Available now: courses in History & Critical Theory, Design Studio, CAD, BIM, Sustainable Design and Design-Build practicals during our summer Study Abroad sessions in Africa. To learn more visit us online, and do inquire about our Scholarship Programs.  CpdiAfrica.Org Global Studio for African Centered Architecture: A CPDI AFRICA INITIATIVE. #AfricanHeritageArchitecture #CPDIAfrica #AfricanArchitecture #CulturalArchitecture #Architecture

The GIDAN - HAUSA RESORT AND CULTURAL CENTER: CPDI 2020 Internship Design by Hauwa Mahmoud

The Hausa Resort and Cultural Center aims to capture the essence of Hausa culture at a glance given the visitor an immersive experience at one location. Drawing inspiration from the layout of a typical Hausa city, and more specifically inspired by the Emir’s Palace in Kano, the resort has been laid out as a mini gated city that captures various activities that highlight Hausa culture and architecture. Play video below to watch the design  Quick Animation. Conceptual Statement The Gidan Hausa Resort and Cultural Center is designed to give the visitor an experience of Hausa culture from the large scale i.e. the city with its robust activities to the small scale of the home with its intimacy and privacy. Play video below to watch the full design Presentation. 15 elements of Hausa architecture incorporated into the design of the resort Illustration of the main entrance  Illustration of a villa entrance View from within a courtyard in a private villa Read also some of Hauwa research wor

5 Proposed Standard Elements of Hausa Architecture

25 Elements of Traditional Hausa Architecture

Intro: Hauwa Mahmoud **SPOTLIGHT** CPDI African Architecture Internship 2020!!

Hello everyone, I am Hauwa Mahmoud. I am from Kano, Nigeria, and of Hausa-Fulani and Idoma ethnicity. I completed my education up to secondary school level in Kano. I am currently studying architecture at The Pennsylvania State University where I am also working towards a minor in Crime, Law, and Psychology. Architecture, as a field, to me has always been very fascinating because it has the ability to capture and express so many different arts and sciences. It is constantly evolving with new ways of solving problems.  I love African architecture, especially because it is a reflection of my cultural identity in the built form. It is more than just building buildings; real African architecture is (and should continue to be) a reflection of a people’s complete and authentic way of life.   My experience as a CPDI Africa intern was incredible. It gave me the opportunity to dive into the history of some of the many different languages of African architecture. The connections I have made are


A Resort is defined as a place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose. A cultural center or cultural center is an organization, building or complex that promotes culture and arts. Cultural centers can be neighborhood community arts organizations, private facilities, government-sponsored, or activist-run.  Igbo culture is a rich sub-Saharan way of life peculiar to this tribe. This Resort is an Architectural translation of this way of life, to promote and immortalize it, cutting through every aspect of their ways of life. Play video below to watch the design Quick Animation. Ventilation and Lighting are responsible for Thermal/Visual Comfort in Hot Tropic Zones (usually ridden by high temperatures coupled with high humidity). Having a fantastic Air flow and movement is then as key as choosing a sustainable green material that will improve thermal comfort fit for our climate. Unity  is more represented on the  Circle  better than any other shape. Drawi